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Our Inspiration

"When I was 33 years old, I was diagnosed with stage IV Neuroendocrine Cancer. It is a rare cancer that began in my gastrointestinal tract. 

I was a young mother of two, feeling fearful and lost. Through research, I concluded that changing my diet would optimize my quality of life. The addition of a plant based diet to my medical plan was essential.

I owe the elevation of health and happiness to plant based whole foods and a nutrient dense diet. Four years into my cancer journey, I opened up Green Bar because I truly believe in and fell in love with the benefits of a healthy eating lifestyle and wanted to provide that to others. 

I feel as though this way of life helped me survive and maintain my strength throughout treatments and surgeries. 

They say you are what you eat and in order to be strong I had to eat strong. Without the commitment to this healthy lifestyle I would not be where I am today; not just alive but living."

Green Bar Founder, Farzana Thawer

Eat Well. Eat With Purpose.

The Future of Food

What We Stand For

Fresh produce arrives every morning in its whole form and is prepped in our kitchen. We make almost everything in-house from scratch, including our sauces, soups, hot meals and baked goods. Any item not made in-house comes from local companies we love and trust.

We source local as much as possible because we care about the food we serve and the community we reside in. If it is not local, it comes from as close as possible to maintain freshness. We strive to create and bring in only the best food.

Avocado Toast

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